In the beginning there was darkness

In the beginning  there was darkness, and the darkness was cloaked with fear , doubt, and superstition.

The first  concept of darkness is that of ‘absence of light’.  In the dark one cannot see therefore one cannot know truth from falsehood. In the dark is absence of knowing, of knowledge. Without knowledge there is insecurity, and by consequence political instability. The thirst for knowledge and power is integral to the human desire for  security, stability, and self-worth.

Beliefs were transmitted within the family and community by figures of authority and power. The power was held by the kings, emperors, and high priests. Knowledge was power and 95% of the population was illiterate and had no way of verifying knowledge as being true or false. The masses were controlled by being kept in ‘darkness’. Schools were reserved for the nobility and their offspring  and the teachings were those which were prescribed by the high priests and scholars. There was no room in society for marginal thinking which threatened the existing powers. Individuals like Copernicus and Galileo, or Luther,  were seen as threats and were imprisoned and their teachings and beliefs were prevented from circulation. Their books were burnt and pronounced as heretical. There existed only one absolute truth: that one espoused by the Church and its officers. The Church controlled the nobility, the military and the police and maintained a repressive control over the  masses.


This is the second concept of darkness : absence of knowledge, or ignorance. From ignorance spawns doubt, fear, and superstition.  Without knowledge of something the imagination allows the mind to entertain beliefs which have no basis in fact or truth.

The monopolization of knowledge and the greedy hoarding of science from the masses prolonged the historical extension of the ‘Dark Ages’. The Catholic Church was principal in this endeavor.  All challengers to the existing religious practices of ecclesiastical usury and corrupt exploitation of the masses’ignorance were imprisoned, tortured, and /or killed.  It took the incomparable strength of character and obstinate intuitive sense of truth within Martin Luther to stand against this oppressive power which was the Church in his time. It gave advent to the birth of the Protestant reformation. As brutal  as the Catholics and their Inquisition the Lutherans  also hacked and killed those who had oppressed them and their ancestors with torture and misery.

History seems to be a cyclical battle between oppressors and oppressed for the ownership and control of power, wealth, and cynicism.

Since the modern evolution of the human brain with the advent of “Homo Sapiens”, man has been able to fashion tools and modes of production which has advanced  the species  and removed  the  causes of suffering which plagued humanity for millennium: the scarcity of resources, food, shelter, and gadgets to make life more enjoyable. Humanity has developed the ability to remove from man’s daily suffering the anxiety and uncertainties which beset him or her every day of their lives.  Yet amidst all this knowledge and science there still persists the darkness, the suffering, both physical , mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Christian ideologues  developed its new ‘Testament’ from the Jewish tradition , the ‘Old Testament’, and transformed the perception of God  from  that of a ‘intolerant’, ‘punitive’, ‘judging’  figure into  the perception of a ‘compassionate’, ‘loving’, ‘forgiving’ figure. Both the Jews and Christians created God into a human image, giving God human attributes to describe the relationship between God and Humanity. How else could God be explained and understood by illiterate masses.
It is not until the advent of the printing press and the Guttenberg Bible in the fourteenth century AD, that the ability to challenge existing thinking and beliefs was allowed to flourish. It is only then that the opposition to the Catholic Church was possible to be undertaken and to succeed marginally. The power struggle between the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches has been transformed with the advent of nation states and the development of private national armies used to protect wealth and power of the wealthiest in society.


Sometimes after the ‘Great Dark Age’ which was ended by the printing press, there arose an awareness of the difference between physical suffering and mental anguish or emotional torment.  And I posit: if it took the advent of the printing press to manifestly transform the access to knowledge and power, then how great will be the transformation which will result from the ability, through the advent of the personal computer and the internet, for individuals to transmit alternate thoughts and beliefs  to a globally connected Humanity.

The third and modern concept of ‘darkness’ is that of  ‘mental anguish’ or ‘hell’.

This concept has existed back into the Dark Ages when individually persons who were suffering  had an awareness of their torments. They however lacked the language to communicate their realities.

If we think of Humanity as primitive before the advent of structured language, of the development of the alphabet, of writing, and of the advent of paper on which to write, then at what point in the future will the development of Humanity be considered ‘advanced’? It will be when each individual obtained access and ownership of a ‘personal computer’ and the ability to ‘blog’, and share ideas and  alternate beliefs throughout the globe to every other individual who is also questing and seeking more knowledge and power and freedom from ‘hell’. Freedom from the darkness.  Freedom from their anguish. Freedom from mental and emotional slavery.

How great has been the evolution of Humanity. How great has been the price paid in human suffering.

The wars, the killing fields, the genocides, the invasions.

The globe has achieved a great degree  of cultural differentiation with the establishment of over 200 nation states and the watershed date of 2000 will probably in the future be seen as the beginning of the ‘Global State’. Wealth and political power will be concentrated into less nations and individuals and corporations and will result in a homogenization of culture, beliefs and rituals.

This brings me to the thesis of this book.  The elimination of ‘hell’ on earth. The establishment of ‘heaven’ on earth. This is what brings me to write this. To chronicle the history of slavery  to obedience and  subservience to authority  and to document the transformation towards a world population which is free from  fear, attachment to desire, doubt, and pain.

There are historical figures which have been large in assisting Humanity to move from ignorance into knowledge, from darkness into the light. The Biblical figures like Moses walking his people away from the slavery of Egypt into the freedom of the desert. Even figuratively this metaphor is a strong one.  In more modern times, the Christian figure of ‘John the Baptist’ who was sent to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. He said to the people he baptized: ‘I baptize you with water, but the one who comes after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit’. (paraphrase).

Then that brings me to a modern contemporary, my teacher and guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, who developed the theories and principles of pranic healing. He has taken the esoteric arts and sciences of healing and formulated them into a scientific set of principles which simplifies the act of healing, or coming out of the darkness. And he baptizes with ‘Brilliant white living water’. From sinning into delivrance. From darkness into light. From slavery  to freedom.

The identification of ‘prana’ or life force as the basis for healing is key. The prana is energy and is light. It contains the colours of the rainbow and each colour has the ability to cleanse, and energize the physical, emotional, mental , and spiritual bodies.  Jesus Christ healed with prana.

Master Choa Kok Sui  has published three initiation books which provide the basic techniques to the healing of these four bodies. 

The cleansing of the bodies removes the depleted  prana which causes disease. The elimination of diseased prana allows the bodies the ability to heal themselves.  It is the presence of red-yellow prana in the body which causes cancers. This can be removed from the body and the cancers can be healed.  Master Choa Kok Sui established the means for a future free of disease. 

My first thought this morning was about how much anguish is carried by those who feel guilt or shame or worthlessness, and who punish themselves for acts which have been done to them in the past.   How someone may be suffering today because of abuse which they have suffered in the past.  Feelings of ‘needing to be punished’ which were ingrained into the mind when young now manifest themselves as destructive acts of self-punishment .  Expressions of mental anguish made manifest through acts of raging, shouting, self-humiliation and mutilation.  This is the expression of a mental ‘hell’ from which there is an escape.

The ‘destructive thought forms’ which hang around the basic, solar plexus, or ajna chakras need to be removed and the mind to be purged from the past mental formations which are attached to past traumatic events and memories.  MCKS had developed these techniques in his book on Pranic Psychotherapy. Through the scanning of the chakras the pranic healer  is able to detect these ‘destructive thought forms’ and remove them. The chakras are then scanned for cracks in the protective webs. If cracks are found, they can be sealed with ‘gold light’ and then protected with a chakral shield of ‘electric violet light’.

The shield is then programmed to act as a one-way permeable shield allowing the negative thought forms to go out of the body and not to be allowed in. It is the reinforcement of these negative destructive thought forms and the allowing them to become mental formations that the anguish is perpetuated.  The anguish can be stopped by preventing the thought forms to develop in the first place by removing the triggers, which are also mental thought forms. We are what we think and we become what we think. We can transform beliefs and behaviour by changing our thoughts through the act of mindfulness. This is the Buddhist dimension of ‘attentiveness’ to one’s present reality. This includes thoughts and emotions. Our actions are based on our thoughts and emotions. By transforming our thoughts we can modify negative and destructive behaviours.

My thought  comes from the  combining of  Buddhist practices(readings of Thich Hnat Hahn’s works)  and Pranic Healing practices. By doing so it is possible to remove suffering from the world. The next step is to re-educate globally the populations to the belief that ‘sin’ is something which we bring into this life from past incarnations. My source for this belief is from Paramahansa Yogananda’s book “Karma and Reincarnation”.

“Sin” is the term which I define as: past unfinished karma which one brings forth from past lives to be addressed and released. 

So when Jesus said: “I release you of all your sins” He was saying, “I, as God’s representative before you, relieve you of your past negative karma and free you of your past lives’ ‘ball and chain’.” He would finish by exhorting the healed individual to “sin no more”. Where did Jesus get this power from? To be able to remove an individual’s past negative karmic debt. It implies that Jesus was connected to the Great Universal Power which we call God. It implies that Jesus had the God-given power to forgive sins.

How does forgiving someone their past sins differ from making the blind see, or making the lame walk, or making the deaf able to hear? Jesus is believed to have had the power to remove infirmities to the point of bringing the dead back to life. Jesus had the ability to transmit ‘life force’ from himself into someone else.

That is precisely what Master Choa Kok Sui teaches: The movement of prana from healer to client, the removal of diseased prana, allowing the deaf to hear, the blind to see, and the lame to walk, dissolving cancerous tumours, reducing the symptoms of systemic arthritis, etc.

There exists a problem with Christianity in that it attempts to raise the personhood of Jesus Christ to ‘Divinity’ status as something which is distinct and separate from ‘Humanity’. And the Christian ideology wants its followers to also accept Jesus’s humanity. And the Catholic Church wants its followers to believe that there can only be “one son of God”.

Somehow, I find it untenable logically that there could only be one man or “human” who is also ‘Divine’, as this denies the rest of humanity its ‘Divine’ nature.

On the other hand Master Choa Kok Sui affirms that we all possess the Divine within, as does the Buddhist philosophy. The god or Buddha lives within and is our life force.


Now this makes sense. It is only by thinking that we are only physical beings that we lose our power. It is only by thinking this that we lose our connection to our divinity. It doesn’t make it any less real. We are and become what we think.  Let us think positively and reduce our attachments to physical trappings to be ready for the great transformation back into ‘energy’ from ‘matter’ which awaits us all.