Are there any absolute truths? part 3

The Buddha would say that “there is no absolute truth”, that one must be ready to replace one’s knowledge with another when the older knowledge no longer answers all situations. That there is always a relative truth even in every falsehood, but one need not get caught up in concepts. The answers lie beyond concepts, ideas, words, and syllogisms, or dualism. Absolute/relative.
In the saying: I am not my mind, not my body, I am my soul: I am placing my existence beyond the need for absolutes or answers.
Being that there is no beginning or end in the greatness of the Divine Presence and Essence, ‘I’ cannot speak of the greatness of the ‘All’  but mentally, can only understand God in relative terms to time and space in which my body is confined. My soul will on the astral plane know the ‘Essence’ by being one with it and within it. In meditation I sometimes get a glimpse of a portion of the being ‘part of the All’. The All cannot exist without the “elements which compose it”. And the “one’ is part of the ‘All.’
Again a dualism. There’s no escaping it.!
If it takes a million incarnations for a single crystal to become a human soul then it may have taken a tetrazillion incarnations for the ‘Eternal Energy’ to manifest itself as ‘matter’. And how much longer before all matter is transformed back into energy? perhaps that is not the goal.
Our physical universe is greater than the human mind can comprehend. How much greater is the ‘spiritual’ universe?
No one understands how the universe is ‘uncontained’. Yet that is an assumption which we accept. That the universe has no bounds.
how can we expect to understand that the spirit or soul can be ‘contained’ within this physical universe once it is released from the physical body at ‘death’?
It makes me think of the mental limitations which early European thinking had when perceiving that the world was flat, because they couldn’t visualize beyond their limited line of sight. How far have we come to now think that the physical universe is limitless.
Humanity is only beginning to understand the relationships of matter to energy in our universe.
The guru who have travelled from the astral plane to our physical plane seem to be the only ones who can speak to the ‘nature’ of God.
The Christ consciousness, the Buddha nature, two aspects of the path to eternity. To liberation. To freedom.
Do we want to be freed from suffering? yes. surely.