What is happiness, joy, inner peace?

What is happiness and joy? Where does it reside? Can it be purchased like fuel for your car?

Can you store it in your body for future times when you may be experiencing a difficult time?

What does it feel like to be happy and joyful? What do we want to do when we are experiencing this inner reality?
These are all questions which form the basis for this blog. I will attempt to formulate answers to these above questions with sensitivity.

Aristotle stated happiness this way: ‘Any element which comprises happiness must be attainable by all of humanity‘.

And yet he included elements which were based on accumulation over a lifetime and which were only afforded to free men: health, wealth, and honour. Greek society equated happiness with physical accumulation. There was no concept of universal equality amongst humans as demonstrated by their treatment of slaves and women treated as chattel or possessions. Happiness only belonged to virtuous  ‘freemen’. And the morality and virtue of Greek elites is no model for a  contemporary cooperative post- modern society.

Universal happiness and joy can be described two ways: as an absence of suffering and pain comprising its absence,  and as the presence of inner peace and serenity expressed positively as love and kindness.

The achievement of inner peace and serenity is realized by removing the mental and emotional clutter or impediments which prevents the inner space from being still. This emotional and mental clutter is composed of mental forms such as thoughts, thought forms and when an emotion or craving is attached to a thought the result is a thought entity. These thought entities actually have energetic substance and affect our mental state, emotional state, speech, and actions.

Happiness and joy resides in the aura and in the heart chakra. Activating the heart chakra through meditation on the heart and its qualities increases the inner stillness and motivation to perform acts of service: increasing the person’s goodwill and the will to do good.

The heart chakra is connected with the subtle energy body or aura through invisible energetic connections between the subtle energy body and the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

It may sound strange to hear that we have four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic or spiritual. The reality is that our physical body is integrated with our mind, our emotions, and our soul.

The only body which we can see is the physical body, however, it is possible through pranic healing scanning to feel the energetic body. This modern pranic healing method, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, makes it possible for everyone, who wants to, to learn how to scan, cleanse, and energize their personal body and perform self-healing. These techniques also prepare the pranic healing student to heal others.

Prana or life-force resides in our aura or energetic body and interacts with our other three bodies.  It is not important to understand the mechanism by which these bodies interact in order to achieve healing results. Prana doesn’t need to be purchased and it is abundantly available around us in the suns’ energy and in the air and ground and in every living being on earth. The planet is a reservoir of prana.

The practice of pranic healing allows the practitioner to firstly cleanse one’s personal  aura and energy centers or chakras through meditation. The meditation which has been developed by MCKS is the twin hearts meditation, also called ‘Planetary Peace Meditation’. The twin hearts are the physical heart and the crown. http://www.ppmaudiostream.org

Divine or spiritual energy enters the human body and aura through the crown chakra which is situated at the top of the head. Prana or life-force energy can be absorbed and passed through the body by mindfulness of the energetic force which surrounds us and which is connected to the spiritual plane of  being. Prana has cleansing qualities and energizing qualities. Our body can be compared to a component in a circuit with the spiritual plane above us contacting us through our crown chakra with the energy going through our body, contacting our eleven major chakras, and then continuing down through our base chakra into the ground through our grounding cord. By driving prana through this circuit we are able to join the pure divine spiritual energies through our upper chakras and connect with the kundalini energy of the lower chakras which are connected to Mother Earth. In this way the incarnated soul is able to control the wild emotions and thoughts which can be strongly influenced by the kundalini energy source.

Happiness and joy reside in our energy body and in our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

When the heart, ajna, and crown chakras are connected with the ‘higher soul’ which is the source of all happiness and  inner peace the lower emotional body can be brought under control of the mind, which is a tool of the soul. As Grand Master would say: ‘the computer user is not the computer’.

When we realize that we are not the body, not the mind, not the thoughts or the emotions, that we are principally the ‘soul’, then we can control our emotions and thoughts and sustain inner peace, happiness and joy.

There are however ways to increase our inner peace, happiness, and joy, and that is by giving it away.

Giving love and happiness to others through acts of unconditional service is the quickest and purest way to increase our own inner peace and happiness reservoir.

By decreasing our own inner suffering and filling our reservoir with joy and happiness we can then share it with others whose reservoir is empty and whose suffering doesn’t allow them to be open to the love which is given. A reservoir which is filled with suffering makes no room for adding any joy or happiness. One must first remove the suffering to make space for love and inner peace.

By forgiving those who have hurt us, by offering to make amends to those whom we’ve hurt, we can begin to open our heart reservoir to receive the offerings of love, inner peace, stillness, happiness and joy which are available to all.

Learning the nature of suffering also is a pre-requisite for becoming an open channel for love and inner peace. Suffering is composed of self-absorption, ignorance, and attachment to cravings and desires which are not wholesome. Right thought, right speech, right action. This makes up the trinity of Buddhist philosophy.

Acceptance and detachment are the tools for obtaining the trinity and for sustaining our inner peace and for transforming ourselves and those whom we touch with our practice.

Change is one of the five certainties, along with illness, aging, grieving, and dying.