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  • Pranic Roger 9:09 pm on November 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , brief history of everything, essence, fulcrum 9, ken wilber, source   

    Seeing the see-er 

    I’ve been reading Ken Wilber’s book: A brief history of everything.  In the later section of the book when talking about fulcrum 9 he mentions the cyclical nature of existence, of how we transcend birth and death and attain or reach ‘Emptiness’.  Although he does call it ‘full’ because it is ‘Source’ and ‘Essence’ of all creation.  It is ‘that’ from which all that is comes from.

    He calls this ‘state’ precisely that, a ‘state’ because it is neither a place nor does it have a location inside or outside of our ‘selves’. He doesn’t go as far as calling this ‘Emptiness’: ‘Soul’ yet I am assuming that this is the ‘state-being’ which he refers to.

    He speaks of rising above the stage of  subtle  ‘being’ to ascend into the ‘causal’ state.  It seems that when achieving this stage  of ‘Being’ one’s individual identity must meld with all which is ‘not’. Because at this level there is not ‘I’, there is no ‘we’, there is no ‘it’ or ‘its’; there is the state beyond matter, yet we intuit it to be a state of being nonetheless.  When we associate our causal state as being pre-matter, a constant of energy and emptiness and space. Can we give identity to -God- that is the totality of what is, what has been, and what will be eternally and infinitely, beyond time and space, containing energy, matter, dark or otherwise, imbued with a consciousness which contains all and which transcends all.

  • Pranic Roger 8:10 pm on November 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bliss, connections, essence, existence, interconnectedness, love, peace, satchitananda   

    How are we connected? 

    Do we sometimes find ourselves unconnected? Do we ask ourselves the question: How am I connected to a grain of sand on a beach in Belize? or how am I connected to a drop of water in the ocean off the coast of Japan? Or connected to a frog in the rainforests of the Amazon? The answer is in the perception of fluidity which water, fire, earth, and air bring to the movement of matter and energy on the planet and throughout the universe. Molecules are transmitted by those four elements throughout the globe over millions of years are are connected by the fifth element: space. And to think that through planetary collisions it is possible to perceive that our molecules could be floating throughout our solar system and beyond through meteor and asteroid encounters. But beyond matter, it is energetically that we are mostly connected being all part of the planetary energetic whole connected through consciousness and intent and thought.

    satchitananda- enjoying blissful recognition of one’s essence(being) and existence (form). How to describe to someone the colour blue to someone who is blind?
    The being present to our essence is a state, not an appearance; thus only someone who has been in that state can understand another who is there; spiritual blindness exists in all those who’ve forgotten their essence as being spirit; thus their physical existence becomes dominated by ego and mind, by self and attainment and becoming;
    ‘being’ becomes a difficult challenge and for many a daunting questing which is not undertaken because of fear and resistance to surrendering control; ‘mind’ wants to control and ‘fear’ takes over when mind loses control over outcomes.
    We must remain empathetic towards these persons and continue to speak to the need for ending pain and suffering delusions of ego and mind.
    The path of overcoming fear and of choosing courage and vulnerability is spoken and chosen; the proper perception of Humanity being one with all other living beings, of the disintegration of mind’s habit of discrimination, prejudice, and all non-virtuous behaviours which separate one from other by creating other.
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