Discussion of the Nature of Evil and of it’s relationship to God or ‘All that is’. 

Paramahansa Yogananda makes reference in his book: Karma and Reincarnation to the origin of Evil on our planet. He makes reference to the story of Adam and Eve, which is a Jewish Biblical source. I don’t believe that he is using that story literally but metaphorically to explain how mental delusion worked its way into the Human psyche and over hundreds of generations distanced Humanity from the Eternal “God” which is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient: all Power, will, and love.
The personification of evil as the trans-personal figure of Satan is also meant to be metaphorical. When taken in the context of when the story of the origin of Evil and Satan was created there was an almost total degree of illiteracy amongst Hebrews and previous civilizations: Sumerians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, etc.
This reality meant that teachings were transmitted orally through the medium of priests or prophets. The symbols used to transmit knowledge were taken from the everyday surroundings of these early peoples and through time were modified as consciousness and literacy evolved.
The tendency to anthromorphose spiritual entities of God and Satan into Goodness and Evil is natural, that Humanity only had our human nature as model to choose from and so created God and Satan in Man’s image, giving god and satan human traits of goodness, evil, benevolence, and malevolence.
The dualism of reality took hold historically and Humanity lost knowledge of the pre-post life reality which was before birth and after death. Humanity lived its reality within the confines of the physical cycle of birth and death.
The concept of consciousness was unknown and the distinction of mind/body didn’t come into being until 500 years before Christ. At about the same time Buddha Shakyamuni was teaching individuals that Humanity were ‘souls’ with physical bodies and God lived within as incarnated Soul. Previous to Buddha individuals had been directed by their communities, its priests, and social leaders. The notion of individual self-determination didn’t exist as a social concept for personal evolution.
Five hundred years later a prophet named Jesus, the Christ or Saviour, a jew, preached that the ‘kingdom of God is within’ and that Humanity was created in the image of God. He taught in parables orally because the population was illiterate predominantly, and taught using metaphors which the peoples of the times understood.
He basically overwrote the Classic Commandments which had been given to Moses and simplified the General Moral Directive to two simple commands: Love your God with all your strength, with all your heart, and love your neighbour like yourself.
This implied that God lived within and that one should treat your neighbours as well as one treated oneself.
This embodied the laws of Karma and Attraction in one fell swoop.
This new social treatise destroyed previous cultural and social patterns of living and behaviours which would start to undo thousands of years of negative karma and begin an upward spiral in consciousness which would bring us to where we are today, some two thousand years later, still waiting for the promise of the ‘second coming of the Lord’ to free Humanity from suffering eternally.