I am a being of divine love 

I am a being of Divine Love and Intent formed into a Man/Woman body with an intelligent Mind capable of thoughts and emotions. I am Soul trapped within a Substance/Form from which I create my Heaven or my Hell. I am That I am.
I am Energy/Essence and Light able to express itself through the WORD.
My Soul evolves or devolves as I either spiral upwards and inwards towards my inner God or as I become distracted,outward and downward into lower Nature.
It is the idea of separateness and Self which removes us from Heaven. Hell is defined as having lost one’s way home. The parable of the Prodigal Son defines Hell.
His return defines the way to Heaven. The Buddha showed us the Middle Way, the path of moderation and non-excessiveness. The Christ showed us the meaning of the Word and the Heart. Remorse begets forgiveness and Love. Through Free Will there is a relinquishing of Self to the concept of Love of Others seen as The Path which reclaims Freedom and restores Heaven within.